How to Uninstall ScanSoft PDF Converter Professional?

Many people like to use some ScanSoft PDF Converter Professional to manage their business. If you no longer want to use the program and do not need the data the application contains, you can uninstall ScanSoft PDF Converter Professional by two ways:

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Method 1

Step 1   Click the "Start" button, and then click the "Control Panel" icon in the Start menu. This opens the Control Panel window.

Step 2   Click the "Add or Remove Programs" icon in the Control Panel window. This opens the Add or Remove Programs window.

Step 3   Click to select ScanSoft PDF Converter Professional in the "Currently installed programs" list.

Step 4   Click the "Remove" button in the Control Panel window. This start the uninstall wizard.

Step 5   Follow the prompts in the uninstall wizard. Close the wizard when it finishes, and then close the Control Panel to complete the process.

But when I search it still goes on my computer…

Sometimes it is a little more involved to completely remove ScanSoft PDF Converter Professional. You may find that even though you followed the procedure outlined above, it still appears again. Because, there are still some related registry entries, traces, remaining folders and components left by ScanSoft PDF Converter Professional on your computer. So what do you do?

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Why not consider a professional Uninstaller program?

The best option that you can do in order to successfully get a clean ScanSoft PDF Converter Professional removal is to get a professional Uninstaller program. This way, the uninstaller will fully uninstall ScanSoft PDF Converter Professional from your computer.

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